10 Reasons for a Destination Wedding at the Beach

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There are many good reasons for a destination wedding abroad. A destination wedding close to the sea is something very special. The sand under your feet, the sound of the waves when you are walking down the aisle. Who wouldn’t like that? Vacation feeling is a good feeling for a beach wedding and sets the ground to have a romantic ceremony at the sea with a lot of magic. However, it might not be a good option for every couple. For those of you who want to stay close to home and have a “classic” wedding you should not consider it.

Here you get 10 reasons for a destination wedding abroad:


1. No traditional black-tie wedding

Do you fancy a barefoot destination wedding at the beach and the sound of the sea as your background music when you walk down the aisle? You don’t want the typical black-tie wedding in a hotel or (the latest trend that everyone follows) a barn? You are not alone. All of our wedding couples who want to get married abroad want to break with typical wedding traditions. They don’t want the same location as usual, the boring wedding games and the typical meat-or-fish dinner that you get on every wedding.
Understandable, especially when you see wedding locations at the beach that are absolutely stunning and where shoes are only optional. Isn’t that nicer than sitting in a banquet hall. With a destination wedding you will definitely stand out of the crowd and let’s be honest…. we want to brag about our wedding which was the most amazing of all weddings.


2. A destination wedding means less planning for you

Sounds unbelievable at first, but it is true: a destination wedding normally means less planning for you. Maybe you are one of the couples who really enjoy planning big events… if not, a destination wedding can save you a lot of time. Studies show that the average planning time of your wedding in the UK is 13 months. The only thing you really have to do for a destination wedding is to find a destination, for example at the beach, that you love. Once you did that you can either choose a wedding package at a resort, book a package with a tour operator or hire a wedding planner. They will take care of the planning and organization and will make sure that you have a relaxed destination wedding experience.

reasons for a destination wedding

3. Destination Weddings are more affordable

The average traditional UK wedding costs around £32,273. For one single day of celebration that is quite a lot, isn’t it? With a destination wedding you can actually save some money on the wedding. Numbers show that the average wedding cost for an international destination wedding is around £21,000. Certainly this depends on several factors like destination, location, number, etc. A good reason for a destination wedding then, right? Of course you must not forget about travel expenses and accommodation but nevertheless destination weddings remain a cost effective alternative. 

reasons for a destination wedding

4. You can narrow the guest list

The nature of a destination wedding at the beach is that it normally requires traveling and staying in a hotel. Apart from the fact that people will understand that you don’t invite everyone, many of them wouldn’t want to travel for the event anyway. Just make sure (in advance) that your family and closest friends are willing and able to come.

reasons for a destination wedding

5. You don´t have a wedding day, you have a wedding experience

With a destination wedding at the beach you can have more than only one special wedding moment. Normally you plan in at least three days. Our couples often choose a long weekend to get married abroad and invite their guests to join them for a dinner the day before the wedding and a nice brunch the day after the wedding. It is also very common that the bridal couple exclusively rents a nice Spanish Finca where all or most of the guests can be accommodated.

6. Time with your beloved ones

Not only will your wedding guests be more excited about the invitation to your wedding but they will probably stay a few days before and after the celebration. That means you will have a lot of time with them that you can fill with barbecues, dinners, days at the beach and more. Haven’t you been at weddings and when you went home you thought that you didn’t even have the chance to speak longer than 5 minutes with the bridal couple? Having your closest friends and your family around for a weekend gives you the chance to spend some quality time with them and additionally it takes away some pressure and obligations at your wedding day.

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7. Celebrate off season

When you are getting married away from home you can have your wedding off season which can make it less expensive. Getting married at the beach in Spain for example is best in April/May or September/October. Flights to the area are affordable at that time and accommodations and locations have lower prices because it is not high season, so you can get a sweet deal. Your celebration can even be on on a Monday, because people will travel anyway. You are absolutely flexible. 

reasons for a destination wedding

8. You can start your honeymoon early

Most destinations for your beach wedding abroad are absolutely stunning, so you can just spend your honeymoon there. You can choose a new and fancy place that you like for your wedding and then stay some more time after the wedding when your guests already left. No stress to clean up and get everything ready for your honeymoon after the celebration because you are already there. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? And also you always have a good reason to go back to that destination for your anniversaries.


9. No home-field advantage

Your families live in different countries? Or you have different nationalities? You want to make sure that no one feels offended or you give preference to one “home” country? Then a destination wedding can be your solution. You can search for the ideal place that you both love and that are neutral and everyone will have to travel.

reasons for a destination wedding

10. Scenery for your wedding pictures

With a destination wedding at the beach you will already have the perfect setting for your wedding pictures. Your background will be a breathtaking beach, a spectacular hillside, a stunning sunset or whatever you prefer. The photos will be amazing, that´s for sure!


You see, there are many reasons for a destination wedding at the beach. If you are still unsure if a destination wedding is the best option for you, you can download our checklist for a wedding at the beach here. Our checklist will show you the steps that you need to take if you want to celebrate your wedding at the beach abroad.

reasons for a destination wedding

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