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writing this post is a great honor for me. I have been a big fan of the two designers of Noni Mode in Cologne and met them a few years ago. This autumn I had the pleasure to organize a wedding dress shooting with them here in our beloved Almería. Meeting them again felt like I have known them a long time already. Probably it is because they are exactly how you can see them in their social media channels: real, authentic and very likeable. When Joanne contacted me and told me they wanted to shoot their new wedding dress collection in Almería, I did not hesitate a second in becoming their location scout for the shooting. Of course they came with one of their best photographers Le Hai Linh. Good old Linh also was the photographer at the first wedding that I organized in Almería, so he knew about the perfect light he would have for his pictures here in Cabo de Gata. Back then he could not stop taking more and more pictures at the fabulous wedding of Magda and Roman. Then they arrived in Almeria, the magnificent designers of Noni with all their new wedding dresses, the photographer with his camera and the stylists of Maskenraum, to start the preparation for the beach shooting at five o´clock in the morning. A time when other people turn around in their bed to get a few more hours of sleep. In case you didn´t know: you will have the best lighting conditions for beautiful pictures early in the morning before the sun rises or shortly after sunset. It is magic!

The new 2020 collection of Noni Mode is breathtaking, very tender and very sexy. It is an amazing choice for all boho brides who want to show some skin. 

The semi transparent materials fall soft and move with the wind at the beach and are absolutely glamourous. All of Noni´s collection are two-piece dresses that can be combined differently. Unfortunately, I cannot show you all of my favorite pictures of the shooting because it was just too many. However, below you can see a selection of my absolute favorites. If you want to see more just visit Noni´s website or follow me on Instagram and Pinterest. I will publish more pictures of the collection there. 

We at Ambrosia Wedding were astonished by the amazing pictures Noni Mode and Linh took here in Cabo de Gata. 

Have a look below. 

Ambrosia Wedding

Noni Alea mit ALinie
Noni Mode Alea
Brautkleid von Noni Alea
Noni Brautmode Alea
Noni Brautkleider Amy
Brautkleid von Noni Amy
Brautkleid Lillith von Noni
Noni Brautkleider Lizy
Lizy Top, Maris Rock von Noni
Noni Brautmode Lizy Top, Maris Rock

Mein Favorit aus der Kollektion 2020 von Noni Mode 

Noni Brautkleider Maris
Noni Mode Maris
Noni Brautmode Maris
Noni Brautkleid Maris
Noni Brautkleider Maris
Noni Mode May Top, Farah Rock
Noni Brautmode May Top, Farah Rock
Noni Brautkleid May Top, Farah Rock
Noni Brautkleider Farah
Noni Mode Farah
Noni Brautmode Farah
Noni Brautkleid Farah
Noni Brautkleider Isla
Noni Mode Isla
Noni Brautmode Isla
Noni Brautkleid Isla
Noni Lillith
Noni Mode Lillith
Noni Lillith
Noni Lillith
Noni Brautkleider Amy
Noni Mode Amy
Noni Amy
Noni Brautkleid Amy

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